Amy Yang: Sunday Interview 2016

Q. So runnerup finish. You had to wait around for a little while. How tough was that?

AMY YANG: I mean, I gave my best out there today. I am happy how I played. I mean, I have some  you know, couple of mistakes out there but, you know, it's another great week. I'm learning from it a lot, and I'm prepared for next one.

Q. Talk about your overall experience this week. How was your stay here in Prattville?

AMY YANG: It was good. Weather was great, I enjoyed food here, great golf course, had a great time this week.

Q. What happened on the 17th hole? Looked like you got a tricky lie.

AMY YANG: Yeah, I went for it, didn't think left side, it was going to bounce to the left, but, you know, I just wanted to chip it right on the green, or short of it, but I hit it a little thin and went in the hazard but, you know, oh well!