Morgan Pressel: Sunday Interview 2016

Q. So came up just a little short but had to feel good making that putt on 18 to get it?

MORGAN PRESSEL: Definitely. I played very well today, all week really. I certainly had more opportunities out there but couldn't quite get them to fall but the one at the end was nice.

Q. What do you take away from this week just with your game overall as you head into the summer?

MORGAN PRESSEL: My game this week is 180 degrees different from what it's been so far this year, and that's very encouraging, just take that into a big, busy summer stretch with a lot of very important events.

Q. Your thoughts overall on the golf course on a different day with different conditions over the first two days?

MORGAN PRESSEL: Well, it couldn't have played any differently. The first day, compared to today, and every day it kind of changed a bit. I've never seen a course play the way it did the first two days as far as challenging, long, wet, and today the opposite, short, fast, firm, where you had a lot of wedges into greens and could make a lot more birdies, which is the course that we're kind of used to seeing. But it was in fantastic shape, and it was a great test.