Annie Park: Thursday Interview 2016

Q. How did you do it?

ANNIE PARK: I don't know. No, but I hit some really good shots out there, and my putting was pretty good this week, or today.

Q. Did the conditions affect you at all? Obviously it was tough.

ANNIE PARK: It was definitely not easy out there with the wind picking up, but, I mean, I hit some good shots. There were some lucky shots out there, too, and then I think putting was kind of difficult, especially with the wind and the slopes. There was every there were some really scary putts out there, especially when it's, like, helping wind downhill, but I had a good round.

Q. What happened on the 15? Is that your only bogey on the back?

ANNIE PARK: Back, and I had one in the front. On the front I was just in the bunker, it was way up, I was in the bunker again, and it was a hard hit (No microphone.) And I just 2putted from there, and the one on the back nine, what did I do?

Q. 15.

ANNIE PARK: Oh, yeah, I hit my second shot to the left and it was behind the bunker, sloped downhill. So I had a good shot, I had a good putt. It was a good bogey, I guess; it could have been worse today.

Q. On 17, after you hit that bunker, you saw your bunker shot, did you think you would be able to get that up and down for birdie?

ANNIE PARK: No, because you know what's funny is like last week, I was in the bunker, and I, like, I just fell apart. I made a 7 on a par 3, and it was somewhat similar. I was like, Annie, just get it on the green! And I hit a good shot, and it was a hard putt.

Q. It was a very hard putt.

ANNIE PARK: I just wanted to get it close to the hole, and it went in. It was a good stroke.

Q. Your overall round, are you like I said, another caddie came off and he said, "I don't know how she did that." Do you feel sort of the same way? Best score of the afternoon.

ANNIE PARK: Yeah, I've been hitting it well. My putts just weren't really dropping the past few weeks, so having my coach here to work with me on Monday. (No microphone.) He helped me out a lot, and then (No microphone.)

Q. (No microphone.)

ANNIE PARK: Tomorrow? I heard it's supposed to be really cold. I'm just going to dress warm and 

Q. What time do you tee off?

ANNIE PARK: Seventhirty, seven, I don't know.

Q. (No microphone.)

ANNIE PARK: Somewhere around there. I think I'm like the second group out.