Alejandra Llaneza: Thursday Interview 2016

Q. Four-under out there. You have to be feeling good about your round.

ALEJANDRA LLANEZA: Yeah, I'm pretty happy. I didn't know what to expect today. I have been actually really sick this week, so I was just like, okay, one shot at a time, and I think that helped, and I got on a roll for a little bit there, so that was exciting, and I feel pretty good.

Q. What's the key to your game in the windy conditions?

ALEJANDRA LLANEZA: I think staying really stable and especially really patient, knowing that not every hole is a birdie hole, so you try to do the best that you can on every shot and get the putts rolling on a good line.

Q. Couple times today you were able to bounce from the bogey to the birdie. How were you able to put that behind you?

ALEJANDRA LLANEZA: Same thing, just playing one shot at a time, and even after the birdies, I was forgetting them and saying, okay, what's the best I can do with the next shot.

Q. Are you still sick?

ALEJANDRA LLANEZA: Um, feeling better but, yeah, a little bit.

Q. Was it hard to just get up and get going today?

ALEJANDRA LLANEZA: Actually no, it was exciting, because it was the first day that I felt with enough strength to, like, walk, because the other days I was just so tired from  I had a fever and it was just bad. So today I was just excited to be on the golf course, and, I mean, some of the uphills were  upslopes were a little hard, but mainly it was just fun.

Q. Were you able to get a full practice routine in or did you scale it back a little being sick?

ALEJANDRA LLANEZA: I scaled it back a lot. I only played nine holes for practice. I played here two years ago and my caddy had the course really well mapped out, so I knew we just had to focus on hitting the right shots.

Q. What did you learn today that you think you can bring into tomorrow?

ALEJANDRA LLANEZA: I think it's like as repetitive as it sounds, it's just doing the best we can with staying in your routine and staying with the shot that you're hitting at that moment, and then everything else will fall into place.