Morgan Pressel: Thursday Interview 2016

MORGAN PRESSEL: Yeah, it was tough out there. Once we made the turn, around 10, my hat blew off, I lost my ball marker. The wind played really tough, and it was tough to get it close to the hole, really, so when you end up 40 feet on some of these greens, it's just good to 2putt.

I made one mistake on 13 there, missing the green left with the crosswinds, but for the most part I felt good about how I played and played solidly.

Q. Once the wind picked up and you had to change strategy a little bit, even though, are you looking forward to seeing what place you get?

MORGAN PRESSEL: I mean, it's early; it's Thursday. I'm still, you know, just focused on my game out there. Laetitia 7under out there, what an incredible score! Having just walked off the golf course, I saw it on 16, I said, "Oh, Laetitia shot 65, that's pretty good out here. You know, I'm happy with 3under. I had more chances, but I made some really good putts early for the first few birdies that I made, and go get 'em tomorrow.

Q. How different was it today? You guys were early, supposed to be less wind than this afternoon.

MORGAN PRESSEL: Well, it was a similar wind yesterday, directionwise, in the ProAm, but we've never seen a golf course play like this. I said that to Michelle when we played 10. I said normally  I mean, I hit driver, 3wood, 8iron, and I hit them all really, really well. Normally, it's like, driver, layup, flip wedge, or might even be going for the green, so it's just with the way some of these holes dogleg and the way the bunkers are placed, you had to pick much different targets than usual, because you couldn't carry certain bunkers and things like that.

It played  this is the hardest I've ever seen this golf course play. There's normally a ton of birdies out there, but today it was difficult.

Q. (Question about treating holes differently because of winds.)

MORGAN PRESSEL: Um, yeah, I mean, there were some where the pins like on 16 the pin was extremely difficult, back right with the wind into, off the right. Then it's just a matter of committing or not committing, which I didn't really commit all that well to that tee ball, but it's hard. I mean, it's not easy to play, and you learn from those mistake and try and commit better next time.

Q. What was it like playing 16?

MORGAN PRESSEL: I think it was 159 to the hole. I hit a 170 shot, 170 club.

Q. Tomorrow, obviously most of the tee times flop, but the wind is supposed to be up for the next couple of days. Do you think that will drive down the final score on Sunday?

MORGAN PRESSEL: It's going to have an affect on it for sure. I haven't seen the extended forecast, but if the wind stays the same direction and the same intensity, it will be challenging the rest of the week, a little bit more of a grind than usually out here.

Q. 3-under pretty good for the first day?

MORGAN PRESSEL: Yeah. I felt good about the way that I played and in position for the next three days.