Laetitia Beck: Thursday Interview 2016

Q. So, Laetitia, 7-under round out there today. What was the key to your strong play?

LAETITIA BECK: I think here on this golf course it's all putting, because it's a very scorable course, and hitting a lot of greens, hit the right part of the green, and I think I was doing well making putts, even though I did miss birdie opportunities, but I made good putts for birdies and just kept going.

Q. The conditions out there today, how much do you benefit from being the first group out there?

LAETITIA BECK: A lot, yeah. I think the winds picked up for us only like the last five, six holes, so we played the front nine without much wind, and that front nine was 4-under, so it really helped.

Q. Any key stretches of play, memorable shots that helped you get going?

LAETITIA BECK: No. I think I hit a lot of greens. I had a lot of chances for birdies, and I made three birdies in a row, I think, in my front nine, which was the back nine, I made on 7, 8 and 9, so I think that was the part that kept me up. From there I was 4-under and struggled on the back nine with the wind, also, but I made three birdies there, which was good.

Q. Talk about the course, the conditions on the course.

LAETITIA BECK: The conditions are great. The greens are softer than what I played last year; they were softer so we can attack more, so I think that's why it's a scorable course this year, especially because we can just go for it, especially with having short irons.

Q. One of the things that is always impressive to me about being out here is how accessible you guys are to the fans. This community seems to really support the tournament here. Have you experienced that?

LAETITIA BECK: I think it's just the first day and seven in the morning, not many people want to wake up, but still people came early on, and it's always nice to see people supporting us.